Thursday, December 3, 2009

Udakashanthi Mantras

This blog starts as a collection of my archive of Vedic texts. There are no words in the world to describe the power of Veda mantras. Kanchi Acharya Sri Sri Chandrashekara Saraswathi has written seven volumes about it. Deivattin Kural (Voice of God). I firmly believe that it is Lord Parameswara Himself in human form who came to this earth, lived a humble human life of 100 years to emphasize the importance of the Holy Vedas.

About Udakashanti
This is from the web, on the importance of Udakashanti..

To live a healthy long life and also acheive fame, wealth and have good children in the family, once would do wise to listen to and recite the Udakashanti mantras. These mantras have known to have the power to even purify one's mind and the environment he lives in. Udakashanthi means Shanthi performed through water. It is one of the important karmas and has the core essence derived from the Vedas. Udakashanti contains mantras from the deity Agni to the Supreme Lord Vishnu. More over, the deities governing all the nakshatras with their individual mantras and the benefits obtained are also mentioned. Devotees are requested to listen, recite and reap the benefits of these mantras.

Audio Links
Udakashanti - Part 1

Udakashanti - Part 2

Script Links
My pranams to the people who took pains to script it in PDF format

Udakashanti - Devanagari Script (Sanskrit)

Udakashanti - Kannada Script


  1. The rendering of the udakashanti mantras into pdf was done solely by Mr. R. Prasad from Los Gatos, CA. It would be nice if you could credit him for it in your blog post.

    1. Hello, The audio links posted in this blog are no longer accessible. Would it be possible to send the new links? Also, I looked at Prasad's collection of related chants at and I tried reaching him at the email provided in the above website (, but the email bounced back. Do you know Prasad's contact information that you could share? I am interested in learning Udakashanti mantras and had some specific questions for him.

  2. Megaupload is banned it seems, could you please provide me an alternative way to download the audio, thanks for the udakashanthi devanagari script

  3. Can anyone tell how to connect to Megaupload or else tell me how to download this audio?


    You can download the audio from this site.

    I need help in finding the telugu PDF, if anyone has it please let me know.

  5. Anyone with telugu Udakashanti?

    1. I just happened to visit this blog today. The link below has the Udakashanti Mantras in Telugu script; the scan quality is poor, though.

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  7. may I get fully explained version of udakashanthi manthra?

  8. Thank you very much for making this available!

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